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As Therap continues to grow, we are looking to hire a new member of our support team.  Given where we are seeing gowth and where we currently have staff based we think that someone based in the mid-Atlantic East Coast would be ideal.

Our ideal candidate has probably been a Therap user (the majority of our support staff we house managers before coming to work for Therap) and is looking for a challenging job that provides the ability to combines teaching, support, consulting, computer skills, and a lot of travel.  This position, especially during the first two years, is expected to be about 90% travel.

You will work both independantly and remotely as well as being part of a diverse and dynamic national and international organization.  You will provide live customer support in person, via instant message, at conferences and over the phone.  You will train and consult with States, Counties, single and mutli-state providers, families, self-advocates, and anyone else using Therap.  You should have an interest in computers, social media, developmental disabilities, marketing, teaching, travel, public speaking and presenting, 

There is nothing quite like working for Therap, we are a unique company providing a unique service in unique environment.  If you are looking for a traditional 9-5 job, this is most definitely not the place for you.

If this sounds like the job for you ori f you have previously sent in your resume and feel like this new position could be the right one for you, please send in an updated note and resume telling us why you are the perfect addition to the Therap team.

You can send us your resume here.

:: Justin ::