Screenshot of Dashboard showing Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool

For folks in New Mexico, we are very excited to announce the production release of the eCHAT (Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool).   This is a very though and dynamic health assessment.  

New Mexico providers can check their page for support materials and timing requirements.

We are still looking for a few non-New Mexico beta testers. If you are interested, get in touch.


Screenshot of ISP Plan

In New York, OPWDD announced (11 days ago) changes to the ISP format as of October 1st.  We have it for you today, just click the link at the bottom of  your ISP Plan.  You’ll also find a new MSC report format in your Custom Form Library.

This is yet another example of why it makes sense to choose Therap.  When there are deadlines involved, we have the resources and skill to make sure that you meet them.

And…  did you notice that there were no instructions about how to install the update?  Just log in and enjoy!

:: Justin ::