Graphics of Therap Apps

Therap is always looking for new ways to help you get the most out of your data and easier ways to access it.  As part of this we are developing for mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, which we believe are the future of online documentation.

This will be a major development area for Therap moving forward.  Currently we are offering specially developed browser based access to specific areas of the applicatio.

As we move forward, we will be developing specific applications both to replicated this functionality and to provide mobile specific tools.

Currently mobile access is at no additional cost.  As we move forward, we do see mobile tools and applications being a premium feature though we have not yet decided what the pricing structure will be.

If you are interesting in giving feedback on mobile features and joining in discussions at conferences and via webinars, join our Therap Mobile Beta Testing group, and you will receive advantageous pricing when this becomes a paid service.

Click here to send us a message or give feedback.

T-Log Reader

The T-Log Reader is a module for hand held devices which will give you access to your unread T-Logs. Read them, and Mark them as Read and view attached photos while you are still on the move.

Follow this link from your handheld device to use Therap Mobile (



Small icon of T-Log Reader App on mobile deviceScreenshot of Therap Logo on mobile deviceScreenshot of T-Log Reader App login screen on mobile deviceScreenshot of T-Log Reader App on mobile deviceScreenshot of T-Log Reader App displaying a T-Log with an image attached