Therap on a Treo 700p

(I know it’s an awful picture, I’ll try again tomorrow)

One of the questions I am often asked is: “Can I use Therap on a PDA or cell phone?”

Well, here’s an example of where you can. I just started using a Palm Treo 700p and I am very impressed by how well it works with our system.

It’s not perfect, but it really pretty good (I do like the Treo, it’s not the best of phones, but the web, email, and other features more than make up for that.)

We are working on having some trial version of having parts of our system especially adapted for the smaller screens of PDA type devices, but until then, this is a great solution.

If you’d like to know more (or argue the merits of a Blackberry!) just let me know

:: Justin ::


Here’s a (slightly) better picture