On Tuesday when the calendar flips over to July we will enter into our next pricing period.  You can see the new prices here along with links to all our price sheet back to the beginning of 2005.

I thought that this might be a good time to review some of our thoughts on pricing for existing users and for prospective users.

A few basic premises:

1. The earlier someone signs up to use Therap, the better pricing they will have.

2. We don’t commit on pricing to people who aren’t using us yet.

3. Once in a particular pricing cohort, you retain that structure and advantage on an ongoing basis.

Our goal is to offer a world class product with outstanding support at a very cost-effective price. Over time our range of applications and services is growing rather dramiatically, thanks in many ways to agencies with the foresight to join us on one of those early price plans, therefore it only makes sense that the price will increase.

Many of our early price plans had steep discounts in the first two years and are now levelling out at their “regular” price.  These days the three year pricing reflects the kind of increases that we expect to see on an ongoing basis.

Further to point 2. above, we are not committing to what our price structure will be beyond September 2008.  There will obviously be further rate increases for agencies coming on board after then and we are looking at a number of ways to possibly restructure things.  As always we retain our theory that existing users should always have a price advantage over future ones.  If for some reason you think that the current pricing scheme would be more advantageous to you, please let us know and we be happy to move you up to the latest one (you can’t change to a previous scheme).

If you have any questions at all about our pricing or your invoice, please do not hesitate to get in touch

:: Justin ::