We have just finnished a great two days of conferencing in Albuquerque.  It looks like we had about 200 people there!

It was a great crowd, all eager to learn and from all aspects of services in New Mexico from providers to case managers to state administrators, surveyors, and investigators.

I have to admit to being a little nervous when I saw quite how many people signed up, but I am very fortunate to work with some great folks.  Maureen, Brent, and Leah ran great sessions and special thanks need to go to Brianne, who though she is no longer we the state I think still knows more than anyone about Therap in New Mexico (she was able to answer a question about unified eCHATs that had me stumped!)

I think we were also able to come up with some great ideas to improve caseload management and individual transfers.  Keep an eye on the New Mexico page for updates.

All in all a very successful couple of days.

If you were there, remember that you promised me you would submit some Care Plans to our Global Library!

:: Justin ::