Electronic Health Record Services from Therap Services Promote Self Advocacy, Self-Directed Services and Person Centered Planning for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

WATERBURY, Conn., Feb. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Therap Services, the leader in Developmental Disabilities electronic health record and client data management, has announced Therap’s Conference for People with Disabilities and their Circle of Support on May 7-8, 2014 in New Jersey.

Interested parties may learn more and register for the conference at Therap’s conference page.

The topic of the conference is ‘Full Participation: How to Access your I/DD Health Records.’ This event will focus on how access to electronic documentation is a key piece in empowering individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities to engage fully in Person Centered Planning, Self-Directed Services and Self Advocacy.

Therap is pleased to welcome Self Advocacy Leaders from The Resource Center in Jamestown, New York as keynote speakers. There will be three tracks for self-advocates, family members and Intellectual Disability and Developmental Disability provider agency staff, featuring round table discussions, hands-on activities, tips from experienced users, a discussion on rules and regulations, and information sharing with other Therap users.

Kevin Lightle Ed. D., New York Regional Director of Implementation and Training at Therap Services, has observed, “For years documenting and communicating was considered a staff or agency function. That has all changed with Therap’s secure access to a person’s health information. At The Resource Center, people with disabilities, their family and staff have shown how documenting and communicating with Therap has enhanced their lives and likewise their advocacy efforts. This is truly all about person centered actions.”

Leah Marshall, Marketing and Communications Specialist at Therap Services, states: “Therap’s documentation solution helps providers meet the federal definition of Self Directed Services by granting the individual access to documentation about their plan for service provision. The individual can in turn view documentation throughout the

Person Centered Planning process, from conceptualization of the plan, through goal development, review of the service plan before implementation, goal tracking as services are delivered as well as reporting of personal outcome measures.

Therap’s modules for documentation are designed to be user friendly, are assigned based on role and provide a level of accountability from all team members that could not be achieved through paper documentation.”

Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities lead active lives and may receive support in the home, community, work or recreational environments. Data within Therap’s web based system is instantaneously accessible across service environments; therefore Therap is ideal as a portable documentation solution. Only persons with appropriate authorization are able to login to the secure documentation system, ensuring protected health information is kept in compliance with HIPAA. This translates into providing individuals confidence that their protected health information is viewable only by members of their circle of support whom are granted access.

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About Therap Services, LLC

Therap’s patented developmental disabilities software application supports compliance with standards as required for funding through Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services at both state system and agency levels. Therap is widely used by organizations working with people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities in home and community-based services (HCBS) and other settings, for case management and waiver eligibility assessments.

Secure applications offered by Therap include individual support modules such as incident reporting, medication error reporting, behavior tracking, individual service plans, goal tracking, health records, medication administration records and case management notes, among others. Therap offers solutions for employee training management and employee scheduling. Therap covers electronic billing with service authorizations, attendance and professional claim tracking. Therap’s HIPAA, HITECH and ARRA compliant software applications are suitable for day programs, residential services, supported living, case management and community support programs.