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Kristen Thompson on Creating a Shared Health Tracking Record

Kristen Thompson is the Washington County Director, and Therap Provider Administrator for Danville Services of Oregon

Want to share health tracking information created by multiple programs within your agency? Learn how one agency created a single Health Tracking program that allows staff from any program to enter and view all the health tracking information related to the people they serve.

In August 2010, Danville Services of Oregon created a dynamic program called Health Tracking, which allowed all staff involved to see and contribute to a complete picture of an individual throughout any given day. Prior to this, we struggled with duplicate health tracking information for those people that we served in both a day program and residentially. By creating a new health tracking program, new health tracking caseloads and a new health tracking super role we were able to have all health tracking information unified. We were also able to prevent confusion for the direct care staff by removing health tracking privileges from their direct care super role, thus the staff do not have to choose a program when creating new records. One of the main obstacles we had to overcome to achieve this is due to all previous health tracking information no longer being available to staff. Initially, we prepared for this by T-Logging all current tracking information in an attempt to bridge the gap between old and new health tracking records. Also, we continue to allow managers access to both old and new health tracking records. Unforeseen issues included appointments; all previously entered medical appointments were no longer visible to the staff that only have access to the new health tracking program. I propose to give an informal seminar type presentation which outlines the steps I took to create the unified health tracking record, to answer any questions regarding the switch and to possibly brainstorm solutions for some of the obstacles created by making this switch.

02/08/2011, Tuesday, 2:45pm – 3:45pm

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