Theraps Team

The Therap team meeting before the 2015 National Conference.

This year’s national conference was a huge success. It was our biggest ever. In fact, we had more Therap staff at the conference than there were attendees at our very first National Conference in
Southbury, Connecticut.

While it was a bit of a squeeze getting everyone into the opening plenary session, I thought that the hotel did a great job of coping with so many people.

I was particularly excited to see quite so many people from South Carolina show up as we move closer to our first stage of going live there.

I think the highlight for me though was the amount of positive feedback I heard about the quality of our trainers and the sessions they ran. It really is a privilege working with such a great group of people.

We are already preparing for next year in the Pacific NorthWest, why not sign up now?

:: Justin ::