Previous, I have talked about COIS, our Cross Provider Information Sharing functionality that I believe will revolutionize the developmental disability community.

However, if you are a state like Delaware, Montana, or North Dakota or a multi-state agency like Dungarvin, then you need a different, more hierarchical style of cross-provider access.

Since starting with state-wide access in the First State of Delaware a few years ago we have added more and more of this type of functionality and at Fishkill were able to discuss, brainstorm, and even demonstrate the next generation of what we are calling MAPS (though to be honest I would really like a better name, I just haven’t come up with one – there could be an undisclosed number of Therap points, if you come up wiith the name we choose!).

The biggest issue in state-wide systems is caseload management for folks like case managers.  As any provider knows these caseloads are changing all the time and are further complicated by admissions and discharges throughout the state.  We are developing a number of feature which will make this process much more effective for everyone involved.

There are also massive reporting questions across multiple agencies.  Those too we are addressing.

And for the user who needs to review data from multiple agencies, we have lined up some features in SComm, Notifications, and FirstPage that will blow your mind!

Finally, (well actually I am sure there will be much, much more, but anyway…), there is the intersection of MAPS and COIS.  Where individuals are served in a state where there information can be shared between providers and viewed and reported on by the state.  Now, THAT, is exciting!

:: Justin ::

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