If you take a look at the schedule for the recent Provider Admin Conference in Fishkill, NY, you will see many sessions discussing things like Caseloads and Super Roles and such.  There really is an art to that, we have developed over the years incredible flexibility in defining user access and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

How ever if you are a large agency, a state, or multi-state agency and/or you are using lots of Therap modules, this can become a lot to remember and maintain.

Thinking back, when I started using Therap as a Program Director at Community Systems, Inc. in Torrington, Connecticut, I had to send a spreadsheet to Wai Nam with who I wanted as users and what I wanted them to be able to do.  And to the same any time I wanted to make a change!

Since then we have also come to work people and agencies in many more places and situations. We also have customers providing supports in every kind of environment and style you could imagine.

This has lead us to a place where things like programs and sites need to be much more flexible and data needs to be able to move as the individuals we support do (yet maintaining the historical data and security we all need).

So based on this, we are working toward our next generation of access control (I am afraid it doesn’t have a fancy name yet, but again, Therap Points could be on offer!)

We have several goals for the new system, but the most important for me are to make access control:

  • Quicker
  • Simpler
  • Easier to implement
  • Easier to user
  • Easier to support
  • More effective in real life situations
  • More tools for cross-provider and multi-provider access

At Fishkill we showed off our initials designs to a great reception and we picked up tremendous ideas.  This will obviously be a huge transition for everyone that touches all of our application so you will hear a lot more (and get to try some things out) as we get closer to deployment.

:: Justin ::