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For Therap user in New York, we are very excited to be moving into the next phase of IRMA implementation.

You should have received the following email from OPWDD.

If you didn’t be sure to get in touch.

I am the OPWDD project manager for the IRMA Voluntary File upload project and have been given your contact info from Therap Services. OPWDD has been working with Therap on developing a process to upload the incident data recorded in your system and share it with the Incident Report and Management Application (IRMA). This will alleviate the need to perform duplicate entries of incidents in both systems.

We are now entering the user testing phase of the project and will need your assistance. Each agency has to designate a tester to test the file upload functionality. Here is the plan going forward for the initial round of testing:

1) Please email me the IRMA user name and email address of the person who will be responsible for testing the file upload process. This user should already have access to IRMA and I will assign them the ‘File Upload’ functionality from TBSW. Please do not submit a new user who does not currently have IRMA access.

2) Once the individual has been indentified and the file upload functionality applied from TBSW, I will email the user that they can begin testing once the testing window opens. Currently, we are looking at the agency test window to begin in mid/late February 2012.

3) Testing will have the user upload incident data in the form of an XML document with add/mod/delete actions which allows the Therap incident data to interact with the master IRMA database. The data being transferred over is not permanent in the testing phase. IMS has a process in place that allows the uploaded data to interact with IRMA data, but at 7:00 each night, the test transactions will be rolled back and removed from the system. This will cause the ‘Summary of Incidents’ page to display erroneous totals as it accounts for the test data being uploaded.

o Incidents uploaded through the file upload process cannot be modified through IRMA during the testing phase. During the testing phase all data uploaded through the file upload will be removed daily at 7:00 pm. If uploaded incident data is modified using IRMA during the testing phase, this will create discrepancies between the agencies incident data and IRMA data as they will not be synchronized.

This is a general overview of the process and a more detailed presentation of the user testing phase will be provided before the test window becomes live. IMS is currently developing training overview sessions that will be presented with a WebEx connection to walk the testers through the testing process for mid February. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Scott Grabicki

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