Castle Geyser in Yellowstone National Park

I had no idea there were so many or so varied! What was particularly nice was that we seemed to time things well. We arrived at Old Faithful just as it erupted, then saw the Castle Geyser (my favorite) go off (it only does so every 14 hours or so). Then we came out from lunch just in time to see Old Faithfull go off again.

More impressive than the geysers themselves is the overall alien landscap in the middle of the forrest with all the steam and spurts of water it really is other-worldly.

Then, there are the various pools and mud-pots with their wild colors and deep blue water.

If you have never seen there, they most definitely need to go on your to-do list.

To file under “Small World”,: we bumped into Leo, a wonderful craftsman who had done work on our house walking around the Fountain Paint Pots with his wife!

:: Justin ::