Picture of Ireland Flag

  1. No need for air conditioners
  2. Driving on the left (I may have enjoyed this more than my family).  We had a diesel Minivan which went all week on one tank (over 1000km) good thing as it cost 90 Euros to fill it up!  Calum enjoyed counting how many times I stalled, I think the total was 17!
  3. Accents.  I love Irish accents (my favourite price is 33.40)
  4. RTE 2FM this was the radio station we listened to all week (you’ll have to ask my kids what my favourite song was)
  5. Family.  I think that we are still all talking to each other, even after having been in the same house all week.  17 of us – WOW.
  6. Sitting behind the Cork City bench and seeing their coach stress just the way I do.
  7. Castles.  I love exploring old castles and listening to tour guides tell their stories (the accent is a bonus!)
  8. Late sunsets, outside in the light until 10 or 11.
  9. Euros.  It just makes sense and I like seeing where all the coins come from.  For some reason I was getting a lot of Spanish ones
  10. Old pubs with low wooden ceilings.  Feels the way a pub should.

Now back to changing the world!

:: Justin ::