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It’s been a funny season for Hearts so far this year.  Much, much less drama than previous years and possibly even some progress!

At the start of the season Csaba Laszlo was hired as manager.  He name looks like we should be singing songs about him to the tune of Rock the Casbah, but it’s actually pronounced more like Shabba.  He’s quite a character who when asked a simple question talks for about 10 minutes without taking a breath.  Of the whole 10 minutes there are usually 3 or 4 words strung together that make some sort of sense.

He does though seem to be building a team.  Basically with no new players and a very young team, he has started to get the players to really work for him and each other. Nothing wildly exciting, but they hav rattled off four wins in a row  to climb up to third in the league.  Now these wins were basically against the worst teams in the league, but those are the games that we are great at losing.  More of a test will take place next week when Rangers come to Gorgie.

Either way, it’s nice to have a team make that is much easier to root for and one where selections are reasonably predeicatble from week to week.

:: Justin ::