Have you noticed that you can now attach documents to an Individual Data Form?

This is a very cool feature that we’ve been asked for a while and included in last weekend’s release.

Screenshot fo IDF File Attach

As you can see you can add up to 10Mb of files to any IDF leaving plenty room for things like scanned copies of medical cards, birth certificates, or other vital documents.  Remember if you find that when you scan something the file size is too big, turn down the detail on your scanner you probably never use the level of detail it is set to.

Over in our General Event Reports we have added another much requested feature by adding increased detail to our body diagram.  You can thank the great State of Missouri (or is that Missoura, still no-one can tell me definitively which I should use) as we added this detail when we added their state incident report.

Body Diagram

As you can see, we have added things like specific fingers and toes.

You just have to be careful if you are in the State of Connecticut these don’t map properly to the 255 Incident Report. We have identifies the problem and fixed it in our code base.  We hope to be publishing the change soon.

:: Justin ::