If you were trying to use Therap this morning, you will have noticed that we were having some problems and then had to shut down the application for a while. Well, here’s what happened…

Last night we ran a few processes on the database. This is part of the ongoing maintenance and upgrading that we do, not only on the application itself, but also the database, networks, and infrastructure.

Obviously, we test all our changes, but something about this one worked fine in testing and broke in production. Thankfully, we are always watching the system and were able to jump in and roll back the changes.

We don’t like downtime, we strive to never have any that isn’t planned, but we live in the real world and because of that we are always ready to respond when something does happen.

Just to add to it all, everything went down while we were touring the Newseum, a museum all about news and journalism in Washington DC. Thanks to my Android phone I was able to keep in touch, post to my blog, and keep on chaparoning. I also have a new favorite museum in DC

:: Justin ::