About 8 years ago when exploring the internet was still novel (I’d got over thinking digital watches were a pretty neat idea by then) I came across a website www.iona.com. Wow, that’s cool I thought, a website with my daughter’s name. I’ll send them an email and see if they have any merchandise I can buy.

In response, they sent a few pens and trinkets and a t-shit that said Orbix on the front and www.iona.com on the back. At the time it became her nightdress. Since then it has developed into being her favorite (and well worn) t-shirt.

So the other day I send off another email, thanking them again for their (much) earlier generosity and wondering what was available for purchase. This time a baseball cap and a polo shirt arrived in return which Iona will get today when she gets back from swimming camp.

I haven’t done any business with these folks, but based on the people that I have interacted with, I’m very impressed!

— Justin