The day started with Hearts losing 4-0 at home to Dundee United.  Quite probably their worst result in I don’t know how many years.  It’s been a while coming, but not entirely surprising.  You can’t trade away all the leaders on a team, change managers more than you change your socks and expect to play good football.  Hopefully this will serve as a bit of a wake up call for Hearts’ ownership.  It looks like this season is a bust now with nothing left to win and little chance of getting into Europe next season.  Now is the time to start fielding a consistent young team to build for next year.

Next we went out through the snow to see Iona and the Wolcott High School Robotics team compete in the FIRST Robotics competition.  While they didn’t make it to the elimination round, they won an awful lot of respect for their attitude and skill.  I am amazed at what they have managed to achieve over the past few months in terms of both technology and teamwork.  This was Iona’s first time in the Robotics club, but I have a feeling it won’t be her last.

The Wolcott Warriors meanwhile were up against the best of the in-house teams at Wrona’s.  In the years that I have been coaching these boys I don’t think I have ever seen them work so hard.  They didn’t win, but they pushed their opponents more than they have been pushed in this division for quite some time, making the coaches and their parents (and themselves) very proud.

:: Justin ::