For those of you who have been around this blog for the past 1300 posts or so, you may remember a post entitled “Thursday in DMV Hell”  If you don’t remember it, you should check it out, it’s rather funny (looking back).

The same will probably be said for today (it’s just a little too soon).

This afternoon I took Iona to sit her driving test.  I picked her up from school a little early (that girl hates missing even a minute of school), did some last minute parking practice and headed down to DMV.  We got there and checked in 15 minutes ahead of our 2:30 appointment, handing in my registration, insurance, and Iona’s permit.

At 3:15 I check in with the guy at the desk just to make sure we hadn’t missed a call. “it’s ok, we’re getting to everyone as quick as we can” says he without checking anything.  Not wanting to cause any grief before Iona was to be tested I sat back down and waited. 

At 3:45 I suggested Iona go up there and just make sure everything was ok.  She did, it wasn’t!

They had no record of her checking in and there was no sign of our paperwork.  While they did their best to blame Iona I pointed out (very gently) that I was going to have to stay in their office all night as they had my insurance card and registration which I was required to have in my car when driving.

This too-ing and fro-ing continued for quite some time until a very nice lady in Ansonia (several towns and about an hour away) called to say that DMV had given our paper work to her son!

Now, two wonderful things happen.  Firstly, the lady in question goes out to a local store and faxes in the insurance card – Thank you kind lady!  Secondly, a very honourable and decent DMV chap takes over (not the one who gave our papers away, he strangely saw no need to appologise either for screwing up or for attempting to intimidate us into thinking we were wrong) gets us a new registration and says he will make sure Iona gets her test.

So…  the test was done (and thankfully after all that Iona passed!) and I was able to run through the storm  to catch a plane to JFK.

Moral of this story, there are some great folks at DMV, just not all of them!

See you in Florida!

Love you Iona!

:: Dad ::