Another great day down here!

One of the most pleasant surprises I have had is how excited folks down here are who have been “told” to use Therap by the state. Rather that groaning and complaining, most people seem to be seeing it for the exciting opportunity that it is and making the most of it! This really makes all the training fun as people are asking about all the other features we have and thinking of ways to use them.

I also did my first walkthrough this evening of our new Supported Employment Tracking application for Kathi at Opportunity Resources in Missoula, Montana

It was fun as I really hadn’t had much time to play around with it before hand and so was clicking on things with no idea of what would happen. At the same time Kathi had to teach me a lot of the terminology I didn’t know! Despite all this, I think it went really well and this is going to turn into a great addition to Therap.

:: Justin ::