Montana State Route 2

Originally uploaded by Justin Brockie.

Almost as amazing as the scenery in Glacier National Park is the transition to unending plains on the eastern side.

I ended up driving along the straight, flat Route 2 and was not smart enough to be using cruise control.

So, coming into Shelby, MT I was stopped by the Highway Patrol for speeding. I was embarrassed, but relieved when I heard it would only be a $40 fine.

Then, the officer came back from her car and told me my license was suspended and I couldn’t drive any more. I assured her that it wasn’t, but obviously, they had to go by what the dispatcher said. the officer thought we might be able to do something if we went to see the local judge.

So there I am in his chambers, DMV in Connecticut is closed and the Judge is reading me my rights! After that he was nice enough to find me a motel room and let me know that there wasn’t a bus, passenger train, or taxi within 100 miles.

Knowing the speed that DMV works at I imagined myself stuck in Shelby for days. Step in the heroic Mrs. Brockie. Michele was able to find an officer in Connecticut who was able to interpret my report.

What it said was that my license was fine, but my Public Service License was suspended. This is an add on which I applied for when working in Connecticut but never finished the application process as by the time I had my finger prints taken, it was no longer required.

Armed with this information I was able to call the State Troopers in Helena and they confirmed that my license was valid and I would be able to leave in the morning.

What had been rather scary was now a funny story.

There are a few morals:

* Speeding really doesn’t get you there quicker.
* Cruise Control is a beautiful thing
* Don’t leave anything unfinished at DMV
* How a computer presents information is very, very important!

— Justin