I had a great day today with the folks from ResCare’s Clarksburg agency.

For starters they are just a fun group of people to work with.  They were also very excited about the possibilities available to them in using Therap.

Then there is the fact that they may well break the record for going live with Therap (the length of time from setting up an account to Therap being in everyday use with Direct Support Staff).

I did a long day of training with three sessions at their office, a very fine lunch (including french fries and ranch dressing :-) ) along with sessions at three of their group homes.

I’ll be doing the rest of their homes tomorrow along with some more strategizing.

Added to all that, the weather is gorgeous and I really like the scenery around here.

:: Justin ::

PS Also came up with idea number 4042 for an ISP – how about recording your AIMS (Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale) tests.