It’s been a while since I did a sporting post, so as I watch the Mets move towards a sweep of the Nationals it’s about time.

The football season in Scotland just ended with Hearts finishing in a very respectable 3rd position, thuse qualifying for next year’s Europa Cup.

I have grown to quite like this team, here’s why:

  1. Csaba Laszlo: He is enough to make you love any team.  The new Hearts manager talks so much that not even Richard could interupt him.  His post match interviews usually consist of one or two questions and last about half an hour.  He has also controlled Hearts’ owner in a Joe Torre – George Steinbrenner sort of way and built a real team spirit.
  2. Lee Wallace: The makings of a great and exciting left back, the combination of he and England U-21 winger Andy Driver is a sight to behold.  Lee Wallace also has a gun…
  3. Eggert Jonsson: There is nothing this boy can’t do (and Iona says he is really cute).  The Icelandic international has played virtually every position and even scored a penalty in the decisive game against Dundee United.
  4. A new found sense of team pride.  They may not always play the prettiest football, but you are going to know you are in a game if you play them and you are going to have to work to win.
  5. Hibs Goalkeepers: Not Hearts players as such but they might as well be.  After you though they had made every possible mistake in the world, Yves Makalambay came up with this one in their final game against Aberdeen:

And so it is time for a well earned summer holiday.  August will be here soon with a European adventure (and probably a new look, even younger team).

More surprisingly, I am really getting to like this year’s Mets team:  Here’s why:

Daniel Murphy: Can you play outfield? “I can hit”  Can you play 1st Base?  “I can hit”  Can you play 3rd base? “I can hit”.  Well, he can’t play left field, that’s for sure, but he can play 1st base for sure, and yes.  He can hit!
Gary Sheffield: Never liked him before, but he seems to have taken to the old geezer role and is now a real asset.
Johan Santana: This guy is just immense.  Even when he doesn’t have it it’s like watching a master craftsman at work.
The team: The more players get injured the harder the team has to work and the more good it does for the team’s personality.
Video Replay:  Genuinely a great thing, especially when every decision goes in favor of the Mets!

It’s going to be a fun summer.  Looking forward to going to Citi Field (even though according to Google Maps, Shea Stadium still exists)

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