Therap 8.0 Beta by you.

If you want to take advantage of the great deal we are offering on Therap’s 8.0 beta modules: Medication Administration Records and Personal Finance, you need to sign up for our 8.0 Beta Program by October 31st 2008.

Those of you who have already told us you want to be involved should be receiving emails today (if you don’t please get in touch).

Here’s the way it works:

If you sign up for our 8.0 Beta Program, we will activate the MAR and Personal Finance modules for you and look forward to your input on these. 

Based on your participation in this program, you will have free access to these modules for the next two years.

From your end, we have the following requirements for participation in the Beta Program:

  1. Being current on all Therap invoices
  2. Giving feedback on beta modules
  3. Participating in monthly Beta Program webinars (if you cannot attend, the webinars will be recorded for you to watch and respond to)
  4. Attend a Therap Conference. The best conference for you to attend would be our Provider Administrator Conference in February ( ).  If you are unable to attend this, please contact us for alternate arrangements.

If you don’t think that these arrangements work for you, please let us know and you are welcome to withdraw.

:: Justin ::