This post may well turn into one of those Christmas letters where I try to convince everyone I know that I am happier and more successful than them and my children are smarter and more athletic than theirs!

It’s been a great week for my daughter Iona. Firstly the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Movie came out. One of my favourite five part trilogies and I was happy to get her into them too. Unfortunately she got to see the movie and I haven’t yet. Then last night she was inducted into the National Junior Honors Society. A mercifully quick ceremony and a seemingly worthwhile organization.

Calum in the meantime started his baseball season as the opening day pitcher (by the way, I was going to add a really interesting link to the origin of the phrase “belly-itcher”, but I couldn’t find one! What IS a belly itcher??) There is something seriously wrong with this. Brockies (with a few exceptions to do with paddling boats – my brother and father would call it rowing) are notoriously un-sporty and lacking in speed and coordination (well this one is anyway!!) Calum on the other hand did very well, but will no doubt realize the error of his ways soon. Until then I’ll sit back and enjoy – or stand up and scream at him along with all the other rabid parents, which ever seems more appropriate at the time.

– Justin