Today was the exhibit day, here at the INARF conference. We got to meet a lot of new people, as well as reconnect with our current users at Cardinal Services. They have been doing such a great job sharing information about us to other people–Thanks a lot guys! They did bring forth the idea of creating user t-shirts at conferences, that would say something like “Ask me about therap”–sounds like an excellent idea- I’m sold!
We’ve had a lot of activity today and we’re almost entirely out of DVD’s which is always a good sign. We also got to show our DVD during lunch when everyone was back in the ballroom. Can’t wait to see the new one from our Therap conference this past February. I think the DVD really gives a good look at Therap and isn’t one of those boring promotional videos that some places have. We have found though, that people don’t take them right away because they don’t realize they’re free, or will ask first. I say, ‘take everything but my laptop’.

Tonight is Casino night, so that should be interesting. I think it involves fake chips, which is even better, since I’m in my usual end of the week state of ‘brokeness’. Thanks to all who came to see us at our booth and to Pete, A.Z., and the Cardinal crew for their continuing support.

Back to Connecticut…

:) Kara