TMS on FirstPage
Originally uploaded by Justin Brockie.

One of the biggest features that we have added to Therap 6.0 is what we call TMS or Training Management System.

The goal with TMS is to keep track of all your staff training and remind supervisors, staff, and instructors when training is due.

To achieve all this, TMS is a pretty big application, so over the next few days, I will try and give you a walk through of how it works.

Firstly, as far as TMS goes, there are four different kinds of users:

Users These are staff who will be attending classes.

Training Admnistrators These lucky people are a bit like Data Administrators for training. They set up classes and decided what training is required by different groups of staff.

Training Supervisors This is a Therap User who is responsible for making sure other staff have their training kept up to date. They may also sign other staff up for a particular class.

Training Instructors These (funnily enough) are the people who actually teach classes and hence are the ones who say whether someone passed, failed, or did not turn up for a particular class.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at how you define classes within TMS

:: Justin