TMS New Module
Originally uploaded by Justin Brockie.

The first thing that you need to do when setting up Therap Training Management System (TMS) is define your modules.

Each module is a subject that your staff are taught. This could be anything from CPR to Prevention and Reporting of Abuse and Neglect to Individual Routines to First Aid.

On the new module screen (shown above, you can click on the picture to see bigger more readable versions) you can define exactly when that module is needed for a new employee, how long it takes to teach and when it needs to be renewed.

You also include which groups of your staff can teach the class (you will define the specific instructors and schedule the classes at a later date.)

Once you have entered all the modules that you are going to teach, you can then define which groups of staff will need which training.

That’s something we’ll look at tomorrow.

Don’t forget, if you have access to a beta testing account you can take a look at TMS now. For help with this, just give me a call.

:: Justin