If you’ve been a Therap customer for more than a year or so, you can expect me to be droppigng you an email over the next few weeks to set up a time to talk.

Rather than getting your thoughts on the Mets play off chances or the up coming Scottish Premier League season, I would like to know how things are going with you, your agency, and Therap.

In particular I’d like to cover the following:

  1. What Therap modules are you using and how are you getting on with them?
  2. What are the next modules you would like to implement?
  3. Are you aware of everything that Therap offers?
  4. How do you train you staff to use Therap?
  5. Are you aware of all the training materials and services that Therap offers?
  6. Are you planning to send staff or attend Therap’s 2nd DSP Conference and 1st Provider Administrator Conference this December?
  7. If so have you thought about presenting and/or joining a panel – this could save you the registration fee!
  8. Do you know of other agencies who would be interested in hearing from us?

So have a think about the above questions and when you get a note from me think about who would be best to have on the call  and we’ll set it up at a time to suit.

If you’d like to talk sooner, just drop me a line

:: Justin ::