Last night was another Southington Stingrays swim meet – only Calum was swimming, but he did really well and beat a couple of his best times (in the 200 yards Free Style and the 100 yards Backstroke) – must have been all those coaches remindning him what direction to swim in!

Again, I was manning the computer. This time we were up against an equally geeky team so instead of each swimmer having a card telling them when they were swimming and the timers writing the times on the cards, it was all done via the touchpads, and the computer talking to each other (we did have timers as a back up, but with just a few sheets of paper rather than a million cards).

The whole thing went really, really well and was the easiest for me to record so far!

Unfortunately Celtic beat Aberdeen 3-1 today to go back on top – oh well!

~~ Justin