But now I need to be able to recharge batteries!

A couple of other paperless solutions that I really like:

Plane Tickets
Both ticket purchase and checking in online are great, these days taking a plane is easier than taking a bus!

The only problem is that there just aren’t enough electrical outlets at airports (I am sitting on the floor to be next to one in Chicago Midway just now). With everyone (seemingly) having a computer/PDA/phone batteries needing to be charged between flights the prime seats in the waiting area are they very few next to outlets.

Car Rental
I tend to rent with Hertz, but going by the commercials others do similar things. I book my car online, get to the rental car place and there is an electronic sign saying where my car is (and sometimes another one over it). All I do is get in the car and drive away flashing my license on the way out. Quick and easy, the way business travel should be.

:: Justin