We are currently undergoing one of the biggest changes that Therap has seen in many years, perhaps since the introduction of FirstPage back with Therap 5.0.

One of the most interesting things about this particular change is how little visible change there will be to start with.  Don’t, however, underestimate the amount of work that is going on underneath the hood/bonnet.  Virtually every query (and we have lots of very big queries in our millions of lines of code) within the system is being updated.

What might cause such an enormous change you ask?  Well, if you have been to one of our conferences recently, you will have heard us talk about what we are calling “Individual Unification”.  During a recent discussion with the folks in Nebraska, they commented that it sounded as momentous as the unification of Germany.  While it might not rise to those standards, who can resist a bit of Hasslehoff?

In our case we are not unifying a country, but an individual record.  Imagine a fairly common scenario where a person is supported by a state, a service coordination agency, a residential agency, and a day provider.  In our current setup, that individual effectively has four unconnected records.  In fact given that we may well have four separate contracts to provide Therap to those agencies, they need to.

However, with our upcoming release, in a sitation where we have a state contract covering all those agencies, that record will become one.

In our first release, this will allow for a few very cool features for those of you who work for states or for multi-state providers.  When you log into your new parent account, you will see all your T-Logs, GERs, and SComms on one page regardless of how many providers they come from.

This though is just the beginning.  We have a whole host of functionality around referrals, annual plans, waiting lists, transfers and more which are being built to work on this new platform.

There will also be a few changes that will impact every provider:

We are simplifying the IDF.  It will now have a more straight forward Submit > Approve > Update workflow (no more “Pending Update Approval”).

We are simplifying Provider Administration and combining agency wide roles with User Profile options and Provider Admin Capabilites. 

Currently we are looking to release this next stage of the revolution next month, look forward for a whole lot of details and updates in the coming weeks.

There will be some actions that you need to take to prepare, so look out for information.

:: Justin ::