As we gather ourselves following an increadibly exciting conference in Fishkill, we are now focussed on bringing you Therap 9.0 and all the goodness that involves.

One brand new module will be Time Tracking (though I kind of hope that we come up with a better name by then).  This is a quick and easy data collection module that we designed along with our friends at Oak Hill in Connecticut.

We we tryign to find the best way to do Sleep and Mood tracking and weren’t really happy with any of the solutions we found (despite some great Excel spreadsheets!)

So now we have this: (click on pictures for bigger versions)

screenshot showing creating template in time tracking module

1. Design your template with start and end times, intervals (Hour, 30, or 15 mins), and options

screenshot showing sleep patterns of time tracking module

2. Quick and easy data collection on a daily basis

A nice graphical view of the month

3. A nice graphical view of the month (the final one will include counts and averages).


:: Justin ::