Siraya sitting on snow tube

Siraya playing with a ball on the ground

I may be (slightly) less available that normal this week as Michele, Siraya, and I are searching out a little warmth!  Having shoveled 33 inches of snow, I feel like we deserve it!

It was our first time on a plane with Siraya since she was a baby (and that was an experience noone on the plane will forget!) and so the first since she’s been using a wheelchair.

Overall it was a remarkably easy trip thanks to some awesome and extremely helpful staff at Newark, United, Orlando, and Hertz!  Though the wheelchair did take a couple of dings, we’re learning!  Siraya though was awesome and seems to really be taking to flying!

Now it’s time to enjoy a little sunshine, write a few emails, and see a few local Therap folks!

:: Justin ::