Screenshot showing help section on User Profile page

Over the last couple of days I have been trying out a beta version of our upcoming 8.2 release (if you would like to see it, let me know).  There will be many cool things in this release, many of which aren’t in the beta, but the major thing so far is the new version of SComm which I really love!

Pictured above is the new User Profile which gives some new, exciting options for Scomm (click on the image to get to a bigger version).

Full SComm: This option gives full access privileges to a user with all features.

Individual Care + Assigned User Group:
This option allows user to send “Individual Care” type messages. If any
Custom User Group has been assigned to the user, s/he will also be able
to send “NOT Specific to Individual” type messages to members of the
assigned group. Note that if this option is selected and no Custom User
Group is assigned to the user, user will only be able to send messages
to Provider Admins of their agency using “NOT Specific to Individual”

No Access: If this option is selected, the SComm module will not be available to the user on their FirstPage/Dashboard.

:: Justin ::