What a great day!

A tremendous group of people here, long time customers, new folks, folks thinking about joining us and some industry experts like Sue Swenson.

We ended today by introducing folks to the wonders of video games. A number of reasons for this. Firstly there are some great cultural reference points (do you know how to play Guitar Hero?), secondly we are embracing video game ideas in our training materials and wanted folsk to get a sense of where we were coming from, thirdly they are just plain fun!

We played:

Guitar Hero on a Play Station 3

Mario Kart on a Nintendo Wii

Spiderman on an X-Box 360

Wii Sports on a Nintendo Wii

Scene It Movie Quiz on an X-Box 360

What an enormous amount of fun we had. Enjoy the photos!

:: Justin ::

Carl strums away on Guitar Hero

Carl strums away on Guitar Hero

Picture of Pete with Guitar Hero

Pete is determined NEVER to lose

Picture of Brian with Nintendo Wii

No Bryan, the other left!

Picture of Sazzad Playing Game

Advantage Sazzad

Picture of Everyone Playing with Nintendo Wii

Mario Karting