Today I was lucky enough to visit with MENCAFEP and their founder Chris Stubbs in Batticaloa on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.  It’s a world away from the urban environment of Columbo,  but they are doing some great work and it’s fascinating to see how Therap will help them.


I’m looking forward to developing our relationships with MENCAFEP and other agencies across Sri Lanka over the coming years and proving that access to good data works everywhere.

IMG_20160405_120045050 (1024x576)   IMG_20160405_120221226 (1024x576)

It was particularly moving when we were given a tour of the local are to see the devastation caused by the 2004 tsunami that still has not be recovered from.

One of the other things that is the same the world over is travel delays and flight cancellations.  We were supposed to fly over there last night, but the flight was cancelled and replaced by an 8 hour van ride.  Thankfully the plane was working today for the trip back, and a very cool trip it was too!

Transport in Sri Lanka  IMG_20160405_163759279_HDR (1024x576)

Meanwhile in Connecticut…

Snowing in Connecticut


I think I’ll stay here a bit longer!

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