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Today was really exciting for me as I did my first ever training on what we are calling Therap for States. This is the new system that we have been building for the last 3 months along with the State of North Dakota.

Not only have our programmers done an incredible job getting the quantity of programming done, but the quality of design and implementation is truly amazing.

The other funny thing for me was training on a system that I was not (yet) expert on (the latest update was a couple of hours before I started the class).  Since coming to Therap I have been training on a system that I felt I knew better than anyone else that helps with processes that I understand completely.  Now, neither of these is true.  Thankfully the DDD team (lead by new Director Tina Bay) were a very friendly audience and helped me learn a lot about how the state processes data.

For those of you in North Dakota who will be trained on the system over the next two weeks, you can find your login, support materials, and system updates at:


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