User Group Meeting hosted by CSDD


What will be a week of much travelling for Sazzad and me started today in Buffalo, New York (well, we actually flew up here last night as Connecticut were busy becoming National Champions again).

We attended a user group meeting very graciously hosted by CSDD and attended by somethign like 52 people! (more I believe than our first national conference!).

It was a tremendous meeting.  Obviously a lot of it focussed on the new work we are doing on hab plans.  It’s very interesting when you look at folks reactions to the new workflow that we showed at Fishkill.  People were both excited about the functionality and concerned about the transition.

Our current plan is as follows:

In our next release we will include a lot of new functionality, though it will not include the new hab plans (so you don’t have to worry about data transitions) it will include almost all of the functionality:

  • Billing Checklist, know whether all your services meet the standards to bill and be able to forecast this into the future
  • Creation of Staff Actions (effectively complete, approved ISP Programs)
  • The new IDF Extension
  • The new MSC Note

There’sa lot there to take in, be sure to get in touch with Kevin if you want to see the latest alpha release.

Now it’s off to Nebraska.

:: Justin::