Current FIFA world soccer rankings, click on the image to see the full table on the FIFA website

Current standings in Qualification Group B for Euro 2008, again click on the picture for more.

Scotland put together another fine result today, beating Ukraine 3-1 at Hampden.

This really is quite a remarkable Scotland squad.  Compare the two tables above and note that Scotland are beating France, Italy, and Ukraine (who were above Scotland in the world rankings not long ago) in the race to get to Euro 2008.  Not bad for a country of only 5,000,000 fanatics!

The most amazing thing about this run is the consistency.  Not only have they pulled off some remarkable results, but they have also won the games that they needed to and should win, like this one.

Just two games left, Wednesday in Georgia, and then next month Italy come to Glasgow.

It’s tough, but you can feel a whole nation getting very excited but trying to avoid the over exuberance that lead to  such heartbreak in places like Argentina and Spain.

:: Justin ::