The last couple of days haven’t been the best or easiest that we have seen.  Any time that Therap isn’t humming along perfectly we aren’t satisfied, but this is an example of one of those times when there are a bunch of things going on that added together make life complicated.

While like us, I am sure that you would much rather that we never had any difficulties, they are an unfortunately part of a growing system.

We put a lot of resources into making sure that things go wrong as infrequently as possible (the last significant outage (it was 90 minutes) we had was on March 10th, 2010).

As for this current issue (and you are probably seeing  impact from it today with some delayed FirstPage counts and other issues) we have a lot of very smart people working very hard to put it right.  

This is always a complicated because the solutions are always both short term and long term involving the application, database, network, and hardware.

We actually have (and have had) a lot of things going on addressing all of these.  One of the many benefits of a cloud-based system like Therap is when it comes to upgrades and improvements in any of these areas, you get to leave it all to us.

So, while we understand the frustration of dealing with these short term headaches, please be assured that you won’t see them surface very often and we are doing everything we can to address the current situation.

:: Justin ::