Well, buying a generator did the trick, about 14 hours after we got it up and running and got Siraya’s room warmed up the power came on!

The generator (which I feel should have a name, though I haven’t come up with a good one yet) is still working hard though as it is now warming up another foster family in the next town over.

We are certainly amongst the lucky ones as it seems like about 60% of Connecticut still doesn’t.  You can keep up with the saga here.  According to discussions on the radio it may be well into next week or beyond that folks get power back.  My father-in-law up the road is still in the dark.

In the middle of all this Halloween was postponed!  Which incidentally has introdced some civility to the neighbourhood.  We will instead do our trick or treating on Guy Fawkes night.  All together much cooler!

Thanks to everyone who has helped out and send warming wishes.

In the meantime, some more pretty pictures!

:: Justin ::

PS I think Fawkes would be a good name for my generator!

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