We have recently updated the system with the following enhancements:

1. Archived General Event Reports (GERs):
Changes made to GERs in ‘Pending Approval’ and ‘Returned’ states are now archived. Users with ‘GER Approve’ role will find an ‘Update History’ link at the top and bottom of the GERs that have been updated.

2. Multiple users adding Review Comments to a GER at a time:
Multiple users can now access a GER at a time to add Review Comments. Users with appropriate GER roles will find the entire GER form, except the ‘Review Comments’  section, in read-only mode. This way a user can enter ‘Review Comments’ to a GER, even when other users are also entering Review Comments to that GER.

A user can also edit a GER when other users are adding Review Comments to that GER in read only mode.

3. A ‘Signature’ sheet added to New York specific ISP Plan:
A ‘Signature’ sheet has been added to the PDF version of the New York specific ISP Plan. This sheet will allow the following people to include their signature in the printed version of the ISP Plan:
– Individual

– Advocate

– Service Coordinator

– Service Coordinator Supervisor

4. Increased character count for ISP Plan:
Character limitation for the ‘Valued Outcome’ field within an ISP Plan has been increased from 64 characters to 200 characters. This will help
users to enter the individual’s valued outcome in more details.

5. A new label ‘Last Updated By’ added to Intake/Elimination form in Health Tracking:
A new label ‘Last Updated By’ has been added to Intake/Elimination form in Health Tracking. This will show the name of the staff members who are further updating the form. You will also find the ‘Last Updated By’ field as one of the search criteria on the ‘Intake and Elimination Search’ page.