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Kristen Thompson: One Provider Administrator’s story of ‘Going Live’

Kristen Thompson is the Washington County Director, and Therap Provider Administrator for Danville Services of Oregon

In March of 2010, Danville Services of Oregon had its first ‘Go Live’ date, transitioning to T-Logs, GERs and S-Comms. As the Provider Administrator, I participated in all of the training sessions and fielded calls from all levels of the agency, directors to direct support staff. I kept notes and a record of all calls that came in the first week of the transition; I can tell you exactly how many passwords I had to reset! I found it most interesting that the transition was perhaps more difficult for those directly managing staff, while the staff themselves, seemed to move seamlessly into using Therap. I propose a brief discussion on the experiences I had while my agency transitioned to Therap.

02/09/2011, Wednesday,10:00am – 11:00am


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