Michelle Saunders: Getting Started and Evolving With Therap

Michelle Saunders is the Director of Community Integration of ACT: Alternative Community Training, located in Columbia, Missouri

ACT, Alternative Community Training, began to use Therap on a limited basis, in ten residential sites and across the day program, in April 2009. Within 6 months, the rest of the agency was ready to begin the Therap adventure and current users were ready for additional modules! I will talk about how the agency created its Acceptable Use Policy, rolled out training with existing and new employees and how the agency continues to evolve with Therap. I will highlight Therap’s willingness to incorporate statewide forms into their system and discuss the benets of utilizing electronic communication and documentation.

Next, I will discuss other technological products that ACT utilizes, including the College of Direct Support and Web Footed
Friends (Talintel.) Finally, I will demonstrate how Therap will assist with preparing for an electronic CARF survey scheduled for June 2011.

02/08/2011, Tuesday, 10:15am – 11:15am


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