One of the things about being a foster parent (just like providing supports to any other person with disabilities) is that it ends up with tons and tons of paper work!
We love having Siraya with us and the support that we receive from IPP is tremendous, it just appears that any time there is an issue of any type, the answer is to create another form.  Usually this is the correct answer as what we’re trying to do is get some real facts and figures about what is going on.

The answer?  Therap of course!

We have been moving towards getting as much of Siraya’s documentation into the system as we can and it’s working really well.  It’s interesting for me too, to be working out the best way to write my own ISPs (and send in Feedback for where I would like to see enhancements!).

It’s going really well so far, which left me wondering how many other people there are out there providing supports in their own homes or who need to keep this kind of documentation on their own kids (or maybe even parents).  If this is something that you have a need for and would be interested in doing some work with us on perfecting Therap for a home situation, then please get in touch.

:: Justin ::