Over the past while, the State of Connecticut has moved more and more towards contracts with providers that require accounting for every service offered.  While this is old news in some parts of the country its big, new (and slightly scary) here in Nutmegville.

But never fear, your local friendly Therap hero’s are here with a billing module that will not only keep track of all the services that you provide.  It will allow your direct support staff to document them, keep track of your service authorizations to let you know if you are in danger of over or underspending.  Of course all this works everywhere not just in Connecticut.

The cool thing in Connecticut is that Therap can also generate the invoice that you need to send to your fiscal intermediary, and keep track of which claims were paid or not.  All at the click of a mouse.

Of course, when it comes to audit time you are going to want to have some documentation to back up those claims, and what better place to have it thank in Therap.

If you’d like to know more about how our billing works and how it could make you and your business office more effective, drop me a note or give us a call.

:: Justin ::