Here at Therap we are continually working to bring you new and better features along with a reliable and secure application.  That application is delivered to you via your browser.  In order to give you the best experience, we need to be able to access features that may not have been included in older browsers.

This is particularly the case with Internet Explorer.  Microsoft no longer supports versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE11.  This means that older browsers do not get functionality and security updates.  We will therefore be focusing our development on IE11 and above.

You can read Microsoft’s view here:

We know some of you need to use older browsers for other systems or have other reasons for trying not to upgrade, but it makes no sense for Therap to design itself to work with something that is not secure.

With our release coming out in June 2016 we will be compatible with IE 11 and above.  Initially you will still be able to use IE10, but that will end later in the year.

:: Justin ::