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This morning I returned to SWID (The Society for the Welfare of the Intellectually Disabled) to learn more about the day to day working of their school.

I started by watching morning assembly and then touring each of the classes, from the mother and child group all the way through vocational skills and therapies.

Throughout the school there is a sense of purpose and structure along with a calmness that I thought really helped the students learn. I also had a great time interacting with the students. Significantly, many of them knew more English than I know Bangla! (Who has the disability?)

Each class seemed to have parents involved, as they are throughout the growing organization. There were also many rights based posters around. My favourite was “It’s not the longitude or the latitude but the attitude that counts.”

I really hope that this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between Therap and SWID. If anyone would like to know more about what they do I would be delighted to let you know.

Unfortunately I must leave Bangladesh tomorrow. :(

My experiences with colleagues, providers, universitiesuniversities, and everyone I have met here has been so positive, I can only look forward to my return.

I will return to the UK and US with fresh ideas about Therap, fresh views on the world, and a deep respect for the people of Bangladesh.

— Justin